We offer In-person classes everyday ! 
Book your classes here:  Book.achebrasil.com
Questions please contact us:  info.achebrasil@gmail.com or 778 838 9801

Please watch this video if you plan to train at our Academy - phase 3.



First INTRO class is FREE.  You need to PRE-BOOK.  Go to:  book.achebrasil.com and choose Intro classes.

Drop in $20 or buy UNLIMITED INTRO classes for $99 p/mth.

Come to any INTRO CLASS that suits your schedule.  Just show up a few minutes before, fill in the intake/release form and join us for your first free class. 

Students wanting to advance in Capoeira are required to attend Rodas - all rodas are free of charge.  Roda is a circle where one plays capoeira.     

We suggest you take approx 12 to 15 Intro classes before moving to Lev  1 & 2. There are however students that progress faster due to their background training, so you may speak with the Instructor and ask if you are ready to move to Lev 1  before completing 15 Intro classes.  You may take INTRO as long as you want.  And you may take Intro in conjunction with Lev 1 provided you have done the required amount of Intro classes.             



LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 AND ADVANCED  (Adults and Teens) 

Drop in$20 or purchase Unlimited with option to join for 3 mths or 6 mths.

*Students taking Lev 1 and up are required to wear an abada (capoeira uniform).  You may purchase one from us or bring the one you already have.


Wear athletic pants and a t-shirt.  No shoes.

More info:  info.achebrasil@gmail.com  or  cell:  778.838.9801  

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