Due to COVID-19, Batizado Annual Graduation in 2020 was much smaller and held outdoors.  We are looking forward to the Batizado in 2021 on Labour Day Weekend.  More info tba.


An spectacular visual experience! Featuring Aché Brasil's awe-inspiring acrobatic dance/martial arts Capoeira & Spectacular dances with dazzling costumes.

This event celebrates the Aché Brasil’s students, and will also be a rare opportunity to see internationally famous Capoeira Masters from around the world play capoeira and Afro-Brazilian music and dance show by our students and teachers. Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy students graduate as “Capoeiristas” under the tutelage of Mestre Eclilson de Jesus.

Doors:  1 PM    Show time:  1:30 pm

Where:  THE ROUNDHOUSE -  181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie and Pacific Blvd)

Ticket Price (for guests coming to see the Batizado.  Check price list attached if you are graduating):     

$16 adults, $12 youth/seniors.  Kids under 5 free!

Ticket sold:  At the door or Eventbrite:

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ACHÉ BRASIL performing group

Aché Brasil is an internationally acclaimed touring company is based in Vancouver, B.C. under the direction of Mestre Eclilson de Jesus. The company has performed in thousands of festivals and conferences,over 15,000 school shows; and has been featured extensively on local, national and international television, radio and print media.

ABOUT OUR CAPOEIRA GROUP                                                                                                                                                 

Capoeira Aché Brasil Group is founded by and it is under the leadership of Mestre Eclilson de Jesus who welcomes everyone to be part of the group.  The group has been at the forefront of Capoeira Instruction in Vancouver since it arrived in 1990 winning several times “Best Martial Arts Academy” of Vancouver in the Georgia Straight.

BATIZADO BACKGROUND  (if you are a new student this is good to know)

“Batizado” in Portuguese directly translates into the word, “baptism.”  In Capoeira, Batizado is an event where new students of Capoeira are initiated into the group and become capoeiristas receiving their “Capoeira nickname.”  During the Batizado, “troca de corda” (changing of belts) also occurs where students who have demonstrated dedication and progress in Capoeira can advance to the next level.

Over the course of 3 days, Capoeira Masters and Teachers give workshops encompassing both the sport and culture of Capoeira. There are a variety of rituals associated with the Batizado which are common to all groups, such as giving nicknames to new capoeiristas.  Sunday is the actual Batizado Graduation, where students perform and the Batizado Graduation begins.

Unlike other forms of martial arts, there is no universal belt system or internationally accepted standard to determine “levels” in Capoeira.  Each group has its own system of ranking students according to its own standards. Since Capoeira incorporates many different elements of training, the knowledge of movements, music, instruments, attendance, language and even the Capoeira history and philosophy are all taken into consideration when determining belt levels.

During most Batizados, Capoeira Masters and students from other groups assemble to practice Capoeira and play in the roda. Batizado is more than simply assessing the level of students, it helps Capoeira evolve. By bringing together Capoeira Masters and teachers from other groups, new techniques and philosophies are exchanged and students benefit from the opportunity to learn from visiting Masters and instructors. Songs and music are also exchanged and the art of Capoeira is advanced.

Other rituals are unique to each group or region of Brazil where the group originates.

Even if you are a new student or not planning on taking your next belt this year, you are encouraged to take workshops and attend the Batizado Celebration. It is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved and is an important part of expanding in Capoeira.

Note to our students:

BATIZADO (annual student graduation ) this year will be held AUG 30, 31 & SEPT 1, 2019

Please reserve these dates, as this is a very important event for a Capoeirista.  It happens only once a year!

AUG 30 - WORKSHOPS with guest Masters from 5 pm, then evening Roda.

AUG 31 - WORKSHOPS all day with guest Masters from 9 am, then evening Roda.  Kids have 2 workshops only.

SEPT 1 - GRADUATION CELEBRATION - set up around 10 am.  Celebration, show and graduation starts around 1:30 pm.

Our confirmed guests this year are:  Mestre Curisco, Mestre Dilaho, Professor Mortal, Professora Rouxinol / Ana Costa, Professor Manteiga, Instrutor Suassuna and more.

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